Open source motorsport

The Idea:

To have open source data available for young race drivers and funding organisations to assist both measure ROI and for each to tailor their campaigns and promises to what is possible.

It would also allow organisations to see which drivers and teams are more active in the media and social media without having to have expensive media monitoring tools or invest in additional staff time to see determine driver media activity.

It would also come in useful for drivers and PR representatives to see, in an open manner when peak periods are for media coverage for motorsport and to see the levels of engagement their counterparts are getting.

The Data

There would be many levels of data available for this purpose.  The first would be Google Alerts – this keyword based solution is free and provides a base level of mentions on blogs etc.  Some keywords would standard for all users (eg. ‘motorsport’), some for series (eg ‘F3’) and others, including driver/team names and sponsor names could be placed in a free text area.

This could then be supplemented with other free internet tools like ‘Social Mention’. This will add additional social mentions and rough guides to how engaged people are with the brands and also a rough guide to sentiment.

If a large scale funding or negotiating body got behind the project – like national sanctioning bodies (eg. CAMS) or international bodies (eg FIA), other major press/media services could be used to give a more accurate reading.  These bodies would have to negotiate the fee for use and copyright issues – and once these were ironed out, such services like Media Monitoring or MeltwaterBuzz could be utilised. 

The Visual

The data would be available via a website utilisg a graph to show the overall trends.  The graph would be active so you could click in and see in more detail who got what coverage, where that coverage was received and what the sentiment was.

Graphs would be available for each key word search.  Apps for mobile/portable devices could be developed, however a web application would be the first port call. 


This project will take funds and expertise to formailse.  National and international racing bodies should get behind this project as will assist young drivers do lure sponsors, deterime appropiate return on investment promises and allow them to target evetns and pitches to gain maximum exposure.  Motor racing is disportinately expensive to start in and compete compared to other sports.  Being able to gain a disporortainate amount of funding is vital. This project will allow motorsport bodies to set the boundires and have a better ability to garner funds.           


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