More on QR Codes and mapping

My last couple of posts have been about opensource mapping and QR codes.

Lat weekend I went to the Rugby, and it came together nicely for me with these two pictures…

Map app for Suncorp Stadium

Promo poster at Blockbuster

I’ll start with the second one – the Blockbuster one, poster campaign, QR code.  Easy poster promotion, something Blockbuster does all the time.  This time they are trying to get people to get out their phones.

Cost – bugger all.  Just printing and distributing posters.  Out of the ordinary?  No.  Really a no cost solution to getting a few subscribers.

The first poster – the Suncorp Stadium one goes a little further.  It is paid advertising promoting their app.  Using the QR code allows them to easily draw people to their app.  If you’re gonna advertise, you may as well long-tail it.

And what does that app do?  It takes people to the loos, to the food, to their seats.  This can be done through opensource mapping, or by a graphic design team.  If you’re a little short on funds, the opensource is a great option.


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