A quick read on building social capital through social media

There are many tools out there to build social capital through social media.  Any picture that you may find through a social media Google image search will show dozens of platforms, and will almost certainly be out of date.

There are tools to blog, to connect with friends, to connect with professionals, to connect with strangers, to push out visual media, to show your event live across the world, to game, to collaborate and more.

In your working environment, you may have access to programs that allow discussion across the organisation without the need to resort to meetings, phoning or emails.  Programs that allow interaction like this include Yammer, SharePoint, and even private Facebook pages.  If you find you don’t have internal social media channels, check out these sites, you might discover that you do.  Otherwise, check it out with your workmates and management, creating these channels is often free – and increasingly, management are often less fearful about social media than they once were.

Whatever the channels of social media and other interaction you have how you behave on those channels is what builds your social capital.  Joining in conversations, offering ideas, offering to join in on committees or working parties  can all come through social media channels.

Essentially, behaviour on social media sites – when used to build social capital – is not essential different to building social capital in the non-digital world.  You are still interacting with people – and you’re still trying to achieve a common cause for your organisation.

A few tips, however on how to build social capital within your organisations

–       Ask and answer questions regularly

–       Join conversations and bring your voice and your experience into it

–       Always be friendly and courteous

–       Check your facts before posting

–       Make sure you’re not working outside your company’s policy

–       Have fun.

This might seem daunting at the start but the benefits can be wide reaching.  You will be able build your profile, build your expertise, gain answers and insights to problems you were experiencing.  You might also even gain new friends and the impressed eye of management – both valuable commodities in themselves.

I hear questions, though, of what happens when your company doesn’t have any of these resources.

Well, every company needs a champion.


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