Things never stay the same

I have been thinking about how the industry and what I do has changed…I spent a lot of time in the car today and I thought back to a conversation I had last week with a former F1 driver who was racing at event I was at.  We talked about how things had changed – it started with a question about what he thought of F1 cars today as they are ‘beautiful’ as they were when he raced.  He went on to say that today F1 has changed beyond recognition from when he raced.  It is all about aerodynamics and beauty as a byproduct is important anymore.  Something that supercomputer has brought – a change from when people drew cars.
He continued that when he started, particularly, back in 1984, the people doing my job were doing it very differently.  Recording an interview wasn’t really an option.  There was no digital photography – they had to be printed and delivered by hand to a, no computers of course meant that stories were constructed and delivered very differently.  Deadlines were different, the style was different.  Now I can stand at a track, record an interview, take photos and edit both and have it all online and available around the world within minutes.  The only thing that slows it is me.
The same changes have been seen in PR and my job at the uni.  When I graduated from undergraduate University (2005) my job that I do now didn’t exist.  The news cycle was a lot different.  Staff communications had to have an entirely different approach.  Video was impossible as a mass tool on our budget.  The skills when I started at USQ in 2007 were vastly different to what I need now.  Even from a year ago, the tools that I used are of no use now (they have either been usurped by ‘marketeers’ (i.e. Linkedin Groups) or now too expensive i.e. a conference).
Certainly professional development and keeping up with the game has fallen on one’s own ability to learn and keep up.  The web seems to be entrepreneurial in nature, but things – like government funded bodies don’t necessarily change with the times and politics and money will always slow you.
I concurrently work in both a fast moving, risk free sector (i.e. working by myself as a motorsport media professional) and in a slow moving, risk averse sector – the Australian University sector.
Marrying the two is simple.  I experiment in one and bring the successful stuff over.  Where this fits though in creating something truly innovative is a little more complex, but change is rapid and building something to make people’s lives easier here could be an option.


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