A look into cultural entrepreneurship

A few notes…

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Cultural entrepreneurship
– Prime aim is to increase the artistic value in society through art, theatre, music, photography, video, books, or other creative media
– They don’t aim to make money – though this is something most yearn for.  To be a cultural entrepreneur full time is something they want but often times, it isn’t achievable.  Often times, they also believe (rightly or wrongly) their goals are not financially worthy
– This, however provides them with a independance from the larger economic and political landscape
– Often times you see the term -’small and fragile’ termed with cultural organisations
– They often aim to do social good and in some cases the line between social and cultural entrepreneurs is not clear.

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– That being said, they have been responsible for a lot of the cultural and social change through books, television, movies etc.  In that sense, there are many big cultural entrepreneurs that are economically powerful and can provide real change
– technology has aided the growth of the cultural entrepreneur with the cost of doing business decreasing – though getting paid could be harder
– Cultural entrepreneurs are often drawn to centres that are liberal – but this is not always the case.

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The first example of a cultural entrepreneur
David Burton
– A Toowoomba playwright who has made a name for himself in the local area through plays, podcasting and putting together ‘troups’ to take theatre out to the remote regions
– He has written and produced plays for himself and other clients
– He has also hosted a successful podcast (Stuff and Things) and created his entire business around the theatrical realm

Slide 4
Another example is The Grid here in Toowoomba
– This is the only one on my short list here that occupies a building
– They are an artist collective but also educate young people in art – both visual and performing
– The have a gallery space and also do music as well
– They have committed themselves to increasing the cultural awareness and opportunities to those living in the local regions

Slide 5
Finally, I am going to go a bit further afield and take a risk – suggesting Mike Sulka from the motor racing world
– Sulka doesn’t have a background (that I know of) in engineering or driving
– Rather he has established websites, had a go at creating a dedicated motor racing social network
– He has employed writers and photographers and dedicated his writing and computing abiltiy to motorsport.
– You may want to call him an internet entrepreneur or media entrepreneur but he has added to the cultural space of motorsport in interesting ways

Slide 6
No one on the list here are massively wealthy people but the all share a want a belief that they can add to the cultural sphere of the geographical location and their areas of interest.


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