An idea about gigs

Coming up with a cultural enterprise, combining that with social media is proving a bit of a challenge.  I could always come up with some stuff I have already done – but that is neither innovative nor sustainable – fiscally speaking.

Certainly, part of me wants to continue to concentrate on providing digital media to people, in a way that decreases transaction times and costs – and moving from the Patchwork A, bringing in physical product this thought process is a good way forward.

What I came up with is a new way to discover music gigs.  We have a bunch of material for well known bands – from looking on their websites, to Myspace, to going on Triple J gig guide and the soon to come Lemonrock and Songkick.

The thing with all of these is you have to know the bands, know what you like, know where you are.  So if you’re new to a city, a tourist or want to discover something new, it is really difficult to go and discover something.  Additionally, bands that are unsigned or trying to make a name for themselves can find it difficult to get a new crowd – or people that aren’t friends, family or ‘sceners’.

The business would be largely user generated with the prime role of the administrators is to laisie with the bands, venues, local councils to make sure that band details are correct, audio/video uploaded for each band, the genres are correct, venue details are correct and the mapping is correct.  The venues/bands would add their concerts to the program and push out the details.

The user would would sign-up to the program, put down the bands, genres etc that they like and their locations.  A push notification would then go to the person to suggest a concert they may like, how to get there with a map and public transport options from your location.  It could also link to Facebook and remember your checkins at concerts How it determines what you like would be similar to Amazon – it would determine what you have attended, what genres of music you like and pair that up with the details as entered by the band and push a notification – either based on GPS or a location the user entered.  Users can provide feedback or discussions on what they have seen.

The program would be commercialised by in app advertisements, perhaps different levels of user/band/venue membership could be provided at a fee.  The system itself would have to be free to use at a base level to encourage people to use it.

The value of this idea is that the application is that it will notify you of what is coming to where you are.  Most applications (or all the ones I know) require you to search and re enter your preferences each time you access.  This program would push notify people and tell them these bands that you may enjoy are playing.  This would allow new or unknown bands to access new audiences and fans to find new bands.

That’s my idea for this week…thoughts?


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