More on helping those in open education

OER Mind map

I’ve been thinking more about open education resources as per this post.

IT is one of those ideas that at the moment is just a thought, or a pipe dream but I believe that there is a chance to make a company that supports open education and can provide a platform to offer independent and free advice to those undertaking open education – and therefore offer an alternative source of advice for those that are undertaking formal education.

It obviously would be difficult – forming the organsiation, forming the IT requirements, getting the help and most difficult getting the funding.  I have gone through and made a quick mind map of what it is, what is needed and the SWOT.  Obviously this would need to be fleshed out and in the end, this document would be enormous.  But it is a start.

The key would be to see if you could find the relationships and support from the companies that offer Open education and whether some of those companies would agree to help you.  Once you talked with them, to see if there was any inkling of support, or whether they would rather destroy you or worse – are completely apathetic to the idea, you’d know if you were onto something or whether it would be put on the shelf.

Are you studying through open education or are currently studying?  What would you need from your support?


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