10 ideas in 10 minutes to innovate.

So…looking at where ideas come from.  Trying to be innovative and think about new products/services that make life easier is a difficult task.  I am used to workarounds, making the best with what I have.  I guess, that in its own way is innovative.  Here I am trying to think of 10 things (in 10 minutes) that I would like that would make my life, or the life of my workmates, friends and family much easier.

It is a more difficult task than you may think – life is diverse and trying to think what might make it easier, particularly in just 10 minutes is not so easy.  Getting the creative juices flowing in this post Bathurst 12 Hours is also not such an easy task.  But tell be what you think of my list.  The first is definitely the best but I think all have something in their own little way…

1. Where is my dog app – GPS by microchip means if your dog runs away, you can find it easily
2. Phone alerts when negative conversations begin about your brand/person/organisation
3. Location based service to prevent information from being transmitted for legitimate legal reasons (like the name of a deceased person)
4. App that learns your usual routes and advises you of traffic difficulties
5. An app that tells you in real time when and where your creative media is being stolen
6. Location based app that tells you the kind of cafe/pubs round that can be searched by client demands (eg. craft beer/sportsbar)
7. Recept/warranty app that combines with the digital wallet to tell you when your purchases are out of warranty or the warranty can be honoured from the app
8.  Contact details (for example) sharing with everyone in a geographical or networked area for conferences etc
9. KPI capture, a computer device that recognises (from inputted data) that you are working on a project that directly relates to a KPI and can report on it
10. Instant direct payment, digital file transfer between devices for people selling video/photos at events