Exploring social capital in organisations: Policy

Today companies have the power to allow their employees to connect, sharing experiences, ideas and friendships from between offices, states and countries.

Social media has allowed them do to this better than ever before.

To take advantage of social media within an organisation – to use tools like Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and more you must have a policy and guidelines in place.

These should cover any legal obligations you have as a company in your jurisdiction.

This can include:

–       Copyright

–       Harassment

–       Who is allowed on corporate channels

–       Discipline

–       And more

It is important to have a robust policy to protect the company and its employees.

More and more, organisations without a robust policy are finding themselves at the mercy of the courts and are often on the receiving end of harassment complaints and unfair dismissal.

These aren’t a reason to stay out of social media though. Like challenges before, these can be overcome and great advantages can be gained from social media.

Social capital, innovation and employee morale can all be boosted.   Tools like Yammer has allowed employees in decentralised or siloed companies to connect like they never have before, sharing ideas and innovation that would have been previously unknown to the company.

There are many exceptional examples of policy around.  The landscape is consistently changing but here are some good resources:

Victorian Justice (Australia)

Online data base of policy (International/USA)

10 Must Have Elements (USA)

How to write a social media policy (USA)

– I will post about mine (Australia) when it is approved.

Want to see the video – you can go here – http://youtu.be/_OrB5ZwvEQo

Want to see the presentation – go here – http://prezi.com/fslmh7ugakt4/present/?auth_key=8sfgwkl&follow=zxilhiugmnu4#0_4299178

More on social capital to come!