Digg and Reddit and the joys of social bookmarking

There seems to be a small and loyal following of social bookmarking – well small in comparison to the might and strength of Facebook.

Once social bookmarking was a bright spot on the internet.  Yahoo were making innovations and making great ground with their Delicious.  It was a great way to share with friends and transport your favourites everywhere you went.

Times have changed.  Delicious seems about as cool as MySpace, Google has gotten a lot more powerful, the blogasphere has gotten a lot bigger – there is more information and it is easier than ever to find it. 

But gems are still gems and should be saved.  And shared.  So these tools still exist and are used but a lot of people.  They can prove to be a handy personal tracker for what you like and handy traffic driver for webeditors.

I have used these tools on and off for a few years. 

I started from scratch again to see how these things worked and how I could integrate into my workflows.

I tried Digg first of all.  I started and linked to my Facebook account.  This was mistake number one.  After a few bookmarks – a friend or two inquired as to what I was researching and if I could keep it off their walls.  Ok. Fair enough.  Problem two was that it would plain refuse to digg some items.  This made me turn to Reddit.

I didn’t link this to my Facebook.  I signed up new.  Or I tried.  It recogised me from before so I continued an old account.  There was no software failures here – everything went up and I could see what I had reddited a few months ago.  That was kind of neat.  The CAPTCHA code thing though was a pain in the butt.  Added too many steps to my process.  And there is only so many times you can type a bunch of random letters – that get refused – before you quit.  Again.

Next on the list was Delicious.

I had, in my mind, written this off after Yahoo! got rid of it at a bargain basement price.  But, how I was wrong.  So very wrong.  It proved to be the most reliable and easy to use.  A simple signup and install – a button to my tool bar and we are away.  Deliciousing many new pages.  No issues.  No unnecessary steps.  I can also share.

I can prove it – click this – http://delicious.com/stacks/view/MLCTNk – unless I am very much mistaken, it should lead to a page that doesn’t contain the words “Error” or “Not found”.  I should contain some links on social capital.  If I am mistaken, please tell me – I’d love to know.

But in the end why would you bother?  Well, you’d bother because it is a great reserch tool – particularly if your research party (work, study, social) is somewhat decentralised.  It is great if you are working on multiple machines.  It is great if you are a webmaster and want to push content out.

It is great because it works.  And it’s free.