Work elsewhere – QR Codes

QR code article as appears in USQ News May 2012, p11

QR code article as appears in USQ News May 2012, p11

Have you seen barcodes that look like squashed flies sprouting up on advertising spots almost everywhere?

Welcome to QR Codes.  They are fast making their presence felt in billboard advertising and newspaper advertising.

The purpose of the QR Code is to drive additional traffic to websites, application downloads, newsletters and more.

The user downloads and application to their iPhone to be able to read the code (just search for ‘QR Code Reader’ in the App Store—there are plenty there for free).  To read the code, you have to open the app and you can enjoy the enhanced advertising experience.

For Android phone users, if your phone doesn’t have a reader on it, you need to visit the Google  Play store and search for ‘QR Droid’.

For most users, creating the codes is free.  You just go to a website like or and you can create one of your own.

From these sites, you can input data to direct people to things like, but not limited to:

  • Websites & social media
  • Mobile apps & iTunes
  • Contact details
  • Skype

There has been some discussions on the validity of QR codes, given they require many steps by the user to fulfil the objectives.  While this is the case, the code is free and used wisely, you can get more visitors to your website or app downloads etc for no cost.

As we see on the right, many companies, like Blockbuster and Suncorp Stadium have embraced the codes and have used them successfully.